High-Quality Custom Direct Mail Solutions

RST Marketing is committed to making your direct mail campaigns a success. We provide you with the highest quality tools to organize, print, personalize, and ship your mailing. Each service we offer is designed to increase engagement with your prospective and current clientele.


✓ Commitment to Service

We are committed to your direct mail needs. Our employees love what they do and are dedicated to serving you in every way.

✓ Commitment to Quality

We are committed to producing a quality product. Your project is continually checked to ensure best results. We're not satisfied until you are.

✓ Commitment to Deadlines

We know the importance of your mail date and work proactively to keep your project on schedule. We'll do everything in our power to drop your mail on time.

Real Pen

The Real Pen simulates handwriting at a fraction of the cost. These personalized notes will boost your open and response rates!  We can use any pen, create any font, and write on envelopes, note cards, boxes, tubes, and more.

UPS Mail Innovations

We teamed up with UPS and USPS to create something innovative - the appearance of an overnight package at a lower cost than First-Class Mail. Impress your prospects and donors with a high-quality experience!

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After working in the direct mail industry for over 15 years and using many different vendors, I can say that RST Marketing is the best direct mail production company I’ve ever worked with.
— Randy Spradlin, President, America Direct