Personalization with the Highest Quality

Creating personalized direct mailing pieces will increase open and response rates, and RST Marketing will help you create unique mailers at a low cost. Grow engagement with your prospects and clients using any of our quality personalization methods.

Laser Personalization

When laser excellence really counts, our high-speed laser printers are up to the challenge. Our printers can do it all, including:

  • 600 dpi
  • using paper stocks from 50 lb. text to 110 lb. cover
  • printing on sizes from 5 ½” x 7 ¼” up to 17” x 14”

We have multiple printer options ranging from black only to spot color (black and blue, red or green) to full color CMYK  printers.  

Inkjet Personalization

Out inkjet printers have multiple print heads which allows for:

  • A large coverage area
  • Use of black, blue, red or green ink
  • Printing at 600 dpi

Real Pen Personalization

When you really need to make an impact on your prospects and donors while keeping your package budget on track, try personalizing with our exclusive Real Pen Personalization technology.  It’s real handwriting fonts using actual pens - but at a fraction of the cost of using hand addressers!

Hand Addressing

Personalization is key to reaching your prospects and donors, and it doesn’t get any more personalized then real hand addressing. We have several hundred hand addressers with pre-approved hand writing ready to write your personalized notes and hand address your envelopes.