Trust Us to Get the Job Done – We Guarantee it!

✓ Answered Calls

Your call will be answered by a live person – usually by the second ring. You won't have to put up with elevator music, an endless automated process, and long wait times.

✓ Personal service

You will work with one Account Manager from start to finish, and you always have access to your Account Manager – 24 hours a day if necessary.

✓ On-Time Mailings

Your Account Manager will be proactive in anticipating and avoiding issues that could throw your project off track. If complications arise, we'll work even harder to keep your mail date.

✓ "No Spoilage"

How many times have you lost donors or prospects due to mail shop spoilage? Every person on your list is vital to the success of your mailing. Our "no spoilage" policy ensures that every package will be mailed.

✓ Extraordinary Quality Control

You can be confident that you are working with a production facility committed to quality and excellence. From printing to mail shop, we strive for 100% accuracy on every project.

✓ Graphic Services

Our graphic design professionals can make last minute edits or changes to existing artwork, usually at no cost to you. We will help you make every detail perfect before your mailing ships.


✓ Quick Turnarounds

We take great pride in our ability to complete projects quickly. Your Account Manager will work with you to get your package mailed faster than many shops would find impossible.

✓ Unsurpassed Print Quality

The quality of our printing is backed up with an iron-clad guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our printing, we will reprint your piece at no charge.

✓ No Sequence Numbers

Nothing shouts "mass production" like sequence numbers. At RST Marketing, we match strictly by name making each package look as if it were the only one mailed.

✓ Competitive Pricing

Don't be fooled by estimates plus "other" charges. We make every effort to let you know up front what your project will cost. In most cases, your quoted price will be your final price.

RST is the best, and totally reliable. They always come through no matter what the obstacles are. Most importantly, they are honest, hard-working, knowledgeable, and cheerful people, who prize doing their best every time.
— Emmy Lewis, President, Lewis & Company Marketing Communications, Inc.