Hand-Assembled and Quality-Controlled

Hand inserting is our speciality. We insert multi-matched packages without using a single sequence number. Real people look at each package and match each component by name. Quality Control specialists not only check for accuracy of the match, but they also confirm the quality of each component used in the package.

We can attach paper clips, Post-it notes, labels, commemorative stamps, and more. We can insert your mailing into envelopes, boxes, tubes, polybags, and jiffybags.

How many donors or prospects didn't receive your previous mailings due to mailshop spoilage? Every person on your list is important to the success of your mailing. Our "no spoilage" guarantee ensures that every record in your file will receive your package. 

From the simplest tasks to the hands-on work of matching, inserting, and mailing, you can be confident that your package is handled by people who are committed to excellence.

Working with RST Marketing brings out the best in my creative team. Knowing that RST wizards can make even our most outlandish direct mail fantasies a reality frees our staff members to develop innovative approaches that keep us a step ahead of our competition.

Each time I’ve taken on the marketing for a new institution, moving our direct mail into RST’s hands has correlated with a tremendous increase in our response rates. They are the best not-so-secret weapon you could have.
— Andrew Flagel, Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment, Brandeis University