Thank you for choosing RST for your Data Service needs!  You are approved, process complete!

Approval of NCOALink processing of your mail files has been updated and your files can now be processed in accordance with USPS requirements.  This approval is good for one year of processing and it will need to be updated one year from now.  A new request will be emailed to you when it is time to update.




From the USPS:


NCOALink® Service Providers licensees are required by their license agreement with USPS® to acquire a Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) for each of their customers. The PAF is not a requirement for the NCOALink® End User licensee. 

The PAF is an essential part of the NCOALink® process because it enables USPS and the mailing industry to comply with the Privacy Act of 1974 by way of a written request to use COA information for mailing purposes. Specifically, section 552a of Title 5 states in part: 

“No agency shall disclose any record which is contained in a system of records by any means of communication to any person, or to another agency, except pursuant to a written request by, or with the prior written consent of, the individual to whom the record pertains”

 The NCOALink® PAF:

  • Identifies those mailers to whom USPS has disclosed change-of-address information via the use of NCOALink® processing.
  • Ensures mailers’ acknowledgement use of the COA data is restricted.
  • May protect the licensee if a mailer uses the processing results for reasons that abuse the intended use of the product such as creating a list of new movers. 

The service provider licensee must acquire this form from each customer before they can perform NCOALink® processing. This form must be completed and signed by the mail list owner, the NCOALink® licensee and, when applicable, any third parties that are a part of the transaction between the list owner and the licensee. 

The PAF must be renewed annually and the NCOALink®  licensee must retain a copy for six years and must make it available to USPS upon request. (Source: MailPro September/October 2008 pages 12-13).