Press Release

Press Release: March 1, 2010

RST Marketing announces the expansion of its “Real Pen”
Capabilities and Capacity.

RST is announcing today, that after listening to our customers needs, we have modified
our Real Pen machines to now write up to 8 inches wide with unlimited paper length.
This means we can write from top to bottom on an 8 ½ X 14 inch form, with full variable
text, and multiple hand writing fonts and even multiple signatures.

We have also added the ability to personalize post-it-notes on rolls so that they can easily
be affixed by machine.

RST Marketing recently demonstrated its Real Pen Technology, Thursday, Feb 25th, at
the DMAW Innovative Formats and Inventive Technique Seminar in Washington DC.

After being voted “favorite new technique” at this show last year, RST brought in the
“Real Pens” for the on-site, hands-on demonstration.

According to Keith Kanode of RST Marketing, “People were really impressed by the
machines and were amazed at the randomized fonts, the ability to use any pen, the ability
to create any font, and the ability to write anything from envelopes to note-cards, letters
and post-it-notes.”

RST will again have the Real Pen technology on display today at the National Religious
Broadcaster show in Nashville, TN.

Due to the demand, RST is continuing to custom build the Real Pen machines and expand
our capacity to meet the growing needs of our customers.

If you have not tested this new technology, now is a great time to realize the benefit of
the Real Pen machines “without the real cost”. We also invite you to tour our facility and
see the pens in action for yourself.

After your mailing has been Real Penned, remember you can count on RST for all your
other personalization and mailshop needs. With over 250 employees, and 25 years in
business you can trust RST for the best quality, turnaround and price, and we always
guarantee to meet your critical maildate.

Please see below for Real Pen current capabilities.

        -Any pen “off the shelf".
        -Pen diameters up to 5/8"(which includes the large Sharpies).
        -Stock from 50# offset to 120# cover.
        -Paper sizes from 3" x 3" to 8.5" x 14".
        -Envelope sizes from 6.5" x 3.5" to 13" x 10".
        -Roll stock (Post-It® notes and labels) from 3" x 3" to 5" x 3".
Printable area:
        -Up to 8" Horizontal.
        -Unlimited Vertical.
        -Can create a "Real Pen" font from our over 1,000 fonts.
        -Can create a custom font from any persons actual handwriting.
        -Exact signature replication.
        -Can create custom logos, glyphs and emoticons.
        -Adjustable pen pressure (hard for the embossed look, or soft for felt-tip Pens).
        -Can use multiple fonts and font sizes on the same page.
        -Fully adjustable margins, spacing, and leading.
        -Automatic font shrinking and expanding to fit text in a given area.
        -Can be used with USPS automation discounts.

“…the most impressive fact is the results of our RealPen
mailings are equal to or greater than our hand addressed
mailings. I believe this is the best cost to value ratio
in the direct mail market right now.”

- Brad Braland
- Christ for all nations

For more information please contact Keith Kanode at (434) 525-1028 or e-mail him at You can also check out the real pen in action at